Saturday, March 12, 2016

practice feb 18 - stages

Elementary art teacher wife advises husband artist: "You are looking too much. You're trying to figure it out. You need to do the work, do the work, do the work, do the work, do the work."

She's right. Stop looking, set it up and do the work.

10:30 drive
11:30 start  16 x 20  windy  dressed fine. no problem. sunny then overcast. just fine.

 no title, 16 x 20 inch cradled panel, varnished, Feb.18, 2016

3:00 end    3:45 home 72 degrees   varnished piece

I kept at it even though the light was changing. The piece has too much information. Lots of detail was processed. The end result got dark in the mid-range. I'm trying to guess ahead.

The good news is that I did work today. And will probably get a handle on it if I keep at it.

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