Saturday, March 12, 2016

practice march 9

11:40 am arrive
the plans I had hoped to use are set aside. the easel is up high so I can look down at a winding passage.

Composition lines.

Long log.

Pile of logs on the shadows right below me.

Pattern of light on stream.

Trunk coming out of embankment.

Decide to stop half way. I want to build scenes. Give me time to form a plan. Give me time to get used to this scene.

2:42 pm stop for lunch break, sack lunch.
3:00 pm start smaller panel, easel set high to look down at jutting out rock.
jutting out stone

Double click to enlarge, above and next.

One minute walk up to see both paintings.

4:02 pm finished small piece
4:28 packed up
varnished Stone View when I got home, next day it looked better, next.

Stone View, 10 x 8 inch cradled panel, varnished, March 9, 2016

practice march 7

Thick fallen trunks on hill. The shadow beneath, along side. The rotten stump.

Added Sap Green to palette this time. Blue painters tape secures paper to the back board.

Seven minutes.
Later I varnished it, next.

no title, 12 x 9 acrylic on 90 lb. water color paper, varnished, March 7, 2016.

Easel moved closer to hillside. Green ferns are emerging. Focused on exposed tree roots, the shadows beneath, and patches of fresh moss. What can I make from this?

Seven minutes.

Double click to enlarge.

Later I varnish it, next.

no title, 12 x 9 acrylic on 90 lb. water color paper, varnished, March 7, 2016.

practice feb 19

1:57 pm drive
2:30 pm start 16 x 20  

Doing areas: the shadows on bottom of pool - light on roots on bank - foreground of blonde grass. But the piece lacks composition, lacks something. 4:28 pm end.
no title, 16 x 20 inch cradled panel, Feb.19, 2016

4:30 pm start  10 x 10
Like the reflections in the water. 5:00 pm end

practice feb 18 - stages

Elementary art teacher wife advises husband artist: "You are looking too much. You're trying to figure it out. You need to do the work, do the work, do the work, do the work, do the work."

She's right. Stop looking, set it up and do the work.

10:30 drive
11:30 start  16 x 20  windy  dressed fine. no problem. sunny then overcast. just fine.

 no title, 16 x 20 inch cradled panel, varnished, Feb.18, 2016

3:00 end    3:45 home 72 degrees   varnished piece

I kept at it even though the light was changing. The piece has too much information. Lots of detail was processed. The end result got dark in the mid-range. I'm trying to guess ahead.

The good news is that I did work today. And will probably get a handle on it if I keep at it.