Tuesday, June 4, 2013

monday tuesday breaking into the next impulse

My friend artist Susan Brasch was right. "Do something ELSE with your time. Until the  painting ideas return, then go paint." In the Fall of 2012 my painting zeal was depleted. I was ready to give up painting outdoors altogether. I followed her advice and left it alone.

Yesterday was another matter. Monday morning I was ready to get the juices flowing again~~ made myself lug the supply pack, paints, brushes, water, tripod outside by the driveway. Back in the house to dig out the large panel that my friend artist Joe Tonnar had given me to paint on. "Marxhausen, you need to go big," he had said when he gave it to me, back in 2008) I wanted a panel tall enough to make me stretch and reach with my arms. After hauling it out beside the house, the light had shifted on poplar trees along the driveway. It was no longer the value setting that I wanted. Could I do this? Energy fell off, caught my breath, felt light-headed, I wondered if I had over extended myself before getting the paints out on the palette and the brushes wet. Egh! With my doubts in tow, I set up the easel Michael Turner had given me when he moved back to Arizona.  Soon, paints were squeezed out, spritz pump nearby, brushes selected and ready. I began mapping out my 36 by 28 inch scene.  I set the panel higher on the easel to make me look up. The physical movement, turning my head to look, the reaching over to dab paint, did what I hoped it would do...engage me, process what I was looking at. When I stopped for the day, I was glad I had gone ahead with this exercise. Weather channel said it might rain  tomorrow, brought equipment inside house.~~~~~~~Tuesday morning I was up at daybreak, ate breakfast, checked the weather online, and set about to carry out equipment, set out my paints, resume work on the poplar scene.

Monday morning
Tuesday morning

I work off an EASyL Lite paint kit, which includes supplies and panel storage in one single unit. It is made by Artwork Essentials. It makes plein air painting quick to set up. Below, photos of backpack, quick-release tripod, inside backpack, towels, water, brushes, and palette box. This is a thirteen minute video of my work out. Listen for the train whistles.
My limited palette includes Titanium White, Brilliant Blue, Viridian Hue, Hansa Yellow Pale, Cadmium Red Light, Burnt Sienna, and Alizeran Crimson. This video will give you an idea of my technique. I call it mapping or drawing with paint. I use Utrecht tube paint and brushes. Thirteen minutes. Next, poplar study and me.
Started  a 16 by 20 cradled panel (above) down by my neighbor's pond which touches our property. I yearn to work more with sky and clouds and minimalize the foreground.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

scenery of carrollton, missouri

Ahh.....summer break. Looking to establish my routine as fast as I can. Woodcuts, yes. Drawing, yes. Painting, we'll see. And continued exercise, whether pedalling my bike on blacktop Hwy B or walking laps side to side at the Senior Center or bouncing on my family trampoline, yes, yes, and yes.

So, here is a recent one minute pan of nature just outside of my town, west of Carrollton.
Leafy trees, creek bed, sunlit clouds, grave rural road.
It's time to get those pencil studies rolling.

field near Missouri river, graphite on 12 x 9 drawing paper

tree and village hills, graphite on 12 x 9 drawing paper