Saturday, April 10, 2021

song medley

Song Medley by Karl Marxhausen    
18 minute video.

The energy is present today. All five songs put down in one take. The order: (1) Alli nall  (2) Following  (3) Infinite Mercy  (4) Beloved  (5) Recall   All songs under copyright with Karl Marxhausen, Carrollton, Missouri.

The Lord leads my wife and I every day. Each day an adventure. We work out in the Chillicothe YMCA pool two or three times each week. We meet with friends over lunch at small cafes in Carroll and Ray County, in north central Missouri. North America. 

From day to day, each day takes us somewhere.

In it all Jesus is real. The moments surprise. He lifts, he speaks, eagles glide, the yard grows green. I am grateful for Jan my wife. We are a team in our retirement. Fluid. Mindful. Kind hearted. You will hear the surprises of joy in these songs.

Thank you for being a part of my life. Today the courage returned to post music on the Moss Creek Journal. To stay up on making a video or typing at the keyboard takes energy and effort. Much time is far away from this activity. But today work was given here.

Stay in touch dear reader. Leave your comments and encouragement down below in the comment box. 


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

gushing out

in the day of assistance i recall these moments:

my friend was diligently searching  

i was there when he finally found the needed document.

he drove us back to the agency. the process for his assistance was set in motion.

it was beside his car that i noticed this scene. there were noisy motors pumping dirty water from a trench cut through a main street in the center of downtown Carrollton. men bent over engaged in this work. 

it dawned on me i was seeing the physical action of assistance for my friend. a visual scene of hope, of engagement, of a deep problem being solved. 

"LOOK. this is a picture of what work God is doing for you right now," i told my friend.

lots of light uncovering dark dealings.

a problem is being UNCOVERED in BROAD DAYLIGHT.

across the courthouse lawn, on the far side, a tall yellow ladder ran up from the sidewalk to the roof of a brick building. i told my friend "people are working on the roof. what might that mean?"

"jacob's ladder. angels going up and down," i added.

"IN THE MYSTIC REALM," he mused.

"i think God is working above in the heavenlies. On earth as it is in heaven. things we cannot see. being done for you!!!" the metal sculpture on the courthouse lawn was whirling round. its spinning parts added to these moments. 

just off the downtown square fire hydrants were gushing onto the street.

i teared up. what a visual!!! 

the recurring picture that comes to me.  Jesus is a fountain springing up, over flowing, ready and eager to give.

this hydrant was at first and main streets. it was a yelo hydrant.

one more memory: my friend and i had gone out to lunch. from the mix of people present to eat, an unexpected believer came up to me and began to talk. And what he spoke tied directly into this day of assistance.


words of assurance calm the listener over the cell phone.

in the hands of god. 

as a foot note: 

the following day the work downtown was complete. no road blocks. no one working. no hydrants flushing. i rubbed my eyes. i just happened to be there when all the commotion was going on. and my friend had seen it too. 

wow. just for us to see. thanks.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

stop think color


I make time to pause and reflect. 

What stands out from my day? 

Consider. Drift. Wonder.

These moments tell me I am alive.

----------------------------- Listen. Watch. Click on video. 17 minutes.---------------------------------------------------------------------DOUBLE CLICK on PHOTOS to ENLARGE.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 


Saturday, July 6, 2019

june drawings 2019

   It's June 2019.  Photos from my Nebraska days at the Centennial College are not clear enough to use for the upcoming reunion. Vicki Van Steenburg phones me from California. A former Centennial College alum she likes my idea. I had talked about doing an inked drawing from photos I had. That way the artwork could be new and original. Her subsequent phone calls kept lighting fires under me. Energizing me. 

Here are my new drawings from that montage. Double click on images to enlarge.

(fellow student with clamp light and black hat. student with wrestling T-shirt. strips of torn paper dancing above our heads. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

(Centennial friends in Commons Lounge watching unfolding tableau. Student on hands and knees, paper torn from discarded Lincoln phone books, A work in progress illumined by light. Staged in Love Hall next to the Neihardt Residential Center, University of Nebraska - Lincoln in 1976.  Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

(Centennial student pinching strips of paper, released to flutter, watching the ballet drift to the floor. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

(four UN-L students at Student Union, building with wood blocks. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

(student with wood, with wall sign. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

(Centennial student building his tower. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

Vicki is pleased with this contribution. Two ink montages will be on display at Love Library at University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska during Centennial Reunion October 11- 12, 2019 

Schedule and details for October Reunion 

The ink work fuels me with joy and giggles ...... as my research continues to unfold.........

Thursday, July 4, 2019

walk with long string -- drawing 2019

      One day when I was a student at the Seward Public High School -- some classmates of mine went with me at the City Park in Seward, Nebraska -- to walk with a long string. My father recorded the event. Double click on images to enlarge.

A follow-the-leader activity. Everyone holds on to the long string and goes for a walk.

City Park, Seward, Nebraska. Circa 1973. (photo by Reinhold Marxhausen)

My classmates Jeff Bowman and Herb Jensen lead the rest.

Three years later --- in 1976 I attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. I lived in a dormitory on 16th Street. The Centennial Educational Program was housed in Love Hall, next door to the Neihardt Residential Center. I took independent study classes thru Centennial.

On afternoon in 1976 --- a dozen students from that complex met together to go for a walk. A walk around the campus while holding a long string. Dubbed the "String Walk." It was ad-lib. Impulsive. Creative. Something us centennial-ites enjoyed doing. Laughing. Exploring.

There were no photographs of that outing.    It was spontaneous.

When I talked with Vicki Van Steenburg over the phone 43 years later -- the fun and excitement of my Centennial years came back to me. Energy from those wonderful memories egged me on to do a pencil composition at my desk.

Last month the inked 18 by 24 inch illustration was complete and mailed to the planning committee in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Here are portions of that work.

 (rampark parking garage and elevator. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

(up and down front steps of Nebraska state capitol. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

(front door to back door, through department store. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019) 

 (the string itself. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

(going through Nebraska football fans, outside the Lincoln stadium. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

(starting at the beginning, front steps of the Centennial College. Ink on paper. Karl Marxhausen. 2019)

Two ink works will be on display in Love Library on the campus of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Centennial College Reunion will be held October 11 and 12, 2019.

The two day reunion with full details CLICK here. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

cold thermogenesis

It's Monday afternoon. May 13th. Time to check the tub temp.

Water is 55 degrees F. Air is 65 degrees F. This is how I do Cold Thermogenesis in Missouri.

43 minutes. This is the real deal. My main focus is maintaining my breathing. To hear my comments go to the following time stamps.

00:39  check water temp
02:48  breathing 
05:05  clock time
08:51  focus breathing 
09:52  adaption
11:59  duration in cold
13:42  about shivering 
15:45  sunshine helps 
16:29  skin tone
17:27  extend time
21:21  marker 20 
22:07  surrounding temp
23:27  bird song

24:58  tub fits one person  
26:08  cooling with ice
29:00  toe touch warm ups
31:19  marker 30

31:36  when to go longer
32:40  reluctance
36:35  marker 35
39:00  no distractions
39:15  body burns fat
39:25  white fat
39:31  brown fat
39:50  water at 50 - 55 converts white fat to brown adipose tissue
40:07  brown fat warms organs
40:25  happens while I sit here
40:52  workout  
41:35  marker 40


Eleven minutes. Cold organs from being in cold water. It takes one to two hours to bring internal body temps back up to normal. Activity helps. Wrists in warm to hot water does it the fastest for me.

The tub we use: 

These are easy methods for cold adaption that Jack Kruse provides: 

Drinking hot water helps warm up my internal organs.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

shall be like a tree

It is 2018. What about the two trees laying in our yard?

Just look at the exposed roots.

Jan called the trees DEAD.

One day in Spring I notice feathers of green fuzz. Then the smallest buds.

  Shoots unfurl. Leaves fan out on the parallel trunks. In spring of 2018 shade is created. The space is a place to explore and be inside tucked away from sight. Yessss.

The two trees full of leaves in 2018 are tied to the activity of God.

The one who delights in the way of the LORD, who considers and takes to heart His instruction WILL BE ---
like a tree planted by the rivers of water...  that brings forth its fruit in its season... whose LEAF will not wither... and whatever one does will prosper.   book of psalms, chapter one, verses two and three
Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD... and whose hope is the Lord. One will BE LIKE A TREE.... PLANTED BY THE WATERS... spreading out its roots down by the stream. One will not fear when the heat comes. But its leaf will be green!! And will not be anxious in the year of drought... nor will it cease from bearing fruit.       book of jeremiah, chapter seventeen, verses seven and eight
The two trees are a word picture for me. 
A reminder of whose I am. 
Who my Keeper is.
The LORD is active  alive.
He has planted me - waters me - 

The trees are alive and green in 2018 and will be also in 2019.

=    =   =   =   =   =   =