Thursday, July 27, 2017

bruise - july 2017

When working outdoors on the "tree project" -- I bend and stoop to duck under thick branches -- as I move through the tree fort space -- on ground that slopes beneath my feet.

Being constantly aware of what is above me, beside me, or below me is important.
When I am rested and alert -- the work is the best.

One minute. Videos convey my work space within the tree area. Here, hammering.


Two minutes. Good audio. Branches I have cut to re-nail elsewhere.

Three minutes.

I found broad limbs that could bear my weight. The climber-in-me was delighted to work from within the tree. Sturdy footing, a brace branch held me as I leaned into it, and arms and hands reached successfully. Long boards slipped into place.

A high platform for one smaller than me. Only five feet above the ground. Something to sit on, and feel the platform sway in the breeze. My goal. Yes.

ONE DAY IN JULY:  the high rafter boards were finally secured -- it had been a great morning. Four hours of accomplishment. Awesome!!! 

I was more tired than I knew. Deciding to work just a little bit longer I climbed back up to my perch. See journal moments, next. -- I lost my balance, slipped off my perch, and fell to the ground.

On the sloped ground was a step-stump. My upper left arm smacked it. Laying still, catching my breath.
Thinking how my mother Dorris might have just got up and walk two blocks to the hospital and admit herself.....
Not me. I called my wife on the cellphone. If I was able I should come into the house and show her my arm. I did. She told me there was not bleeding. It was bruise.

My brother Paul later told me I was lucky the bone did not break.

July 7th, 2017    bruise red scrape

July 13th, 2017   bruise blue

Time later after healing -------- I realized being tired or going too long without a lunch break wasn't for me. I went and bought a two step ladder.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +  

That Winter all the leaves fell off. Higher platform looked like this. 

Will the leaves return in the Spring? My wife says the tree is dead. 

Is it????

Wait till Spring.......