Wednesday, January 31, 2018

brothers Fowler

This past month my study has deepened on the grain merchant from Paola, Kansas.

The organizer in me remembers the energy I had in my twenties. I can easily imagine what Fowler did with his.

He and I have both explored self-publishing. I see parallels. So I am planning to illustrate this work.

Once in December I spent the whole day at the Missouri Valley Special Collections on the fourth floor of the Kansas City Public Library on Tenth Street. A ninety mile drive from where I live.

Doors are swinging open just like they did when I was exploring Fred Geary in 2011, and like the last two years on my father.

A work space is set up at the house. Away from the sounds of television and commotion.

Fowler had roots in the grain business. His grandfather and two brothers. His father and his uncle.