Monday, October 11, 2010

laying down layers sunday afternoon

click on triangle to view hands-on video (3 minutes)
close up - what would you call this material ??
click on triangle to view screen work (6 minutes)
wet - do not touch
click on triangle to view third layer (7 minutes) 
click on triangle to view residual materials (4 minutes)
Rein made art out of rubber tire patches, dryer lint, burnt waxed wood, and discarded woodwind instruments. In all the years I watched him create on his studio deck there were no cameras running to record his creative process. His manner of creating was up for speculation. Today I am out in my backyard applying layers to panels for a 2011 exhibition. My video camera is set up to record some of my manner. Perhaps my father went about materials in a similiar fashion. Trying this and attempting that, playing around with texture and glue, in the sunshine, out in the backyard. My artwork is not that of Rein. but Rein's grownup son does likes to build. What materials do you think I am handling?
wait till it dries

click on triangle to view overview ( 2 minutes)  
click on triangle to view the difficulties with drying too long (3.5 minutes)
works in progress for 2011 - warm weather - hands on with Antonio Carlos Jobim, Death Cab For Cutie and Stan Getz saxophone to boot.