Tuesday, June 23, 2015


My mother died last Friday night.

Hiker, gardener, seamstress, neighbor, journalist, political candidate, actress, musician, artist, mother and wife are just a few of the descriptions of Dorris Marxhausen.

Eight minute slide show for family and friends. Photos courtesy of Marxhausen Estate LTD. Most of the photos were taken by her husband, Reinhold Pieper Marxhausen.

Monday, June 22, 2015

listen to perspective

GLORY, painting by Reinhold Marxhausen, 1962
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"Each person looks at a work differently. The artist might have an intent when he does a work, but each one of us comes from a different experience, and so it's impossible for each person to see the object in the same way and so the object doesn't change, but the people say different things about it. When you discuss the work: all these different words come out. And so we're beginning to understand each other rather than the piece, and the piece becomes a catalyst for us to understand each other and if we listen to each other, we learn something about ourselves rather than the piece."    
Reinhold Marxhausen, Koenig Connection