Wednesday, June 21, 2017

high rafter - june 2017

It's been one month after the two trees fell.

When I was a lad, I remember climbing up and down the pin oak tree at 199 College Avenue in Seward, Nebraska. I loved being up high. Being safe in a tree with ladder-like branches. Exploring, climbing, all by myself. 
Doesn't everybody do this? 
My great-nephew does not. 
Me on the trike, my brother Paul on the wagon, below.

At 62 years, the boy who climbed up and down - the boy who made forts - this boy-inside now-so-much-taller-and-able I am letting my imagination wander.
This place in my backyard. --- What might I make for myself, to share with my great-nephew? 
What will my tree fort look like?


Cutting sturdy limbs with my hand saw.
Nailing a cut branch to make a cross piece. Build. Imagine. Wonder. 
Out in the green of THIS. Out in THIS. 
Yeaaaaaaa !!!!

Parallel limbs - just a few feet off the ground. What will I make? Time to go get wood from the lumber yard.

Something low -- just off the ground. Camouflaged by leaves. Something I would have loved to have. I built this for me.

Single plank up high. Threaded through the branches. A book mark. Is that where I want the rafters to be?

Five minutes. Missouri artist shares his plans for rafter.

M.G.N, my-great-nephew came by and built with his own hands, below.