Sunday, May 2, 2021



Rigid fury.
Held against my will.
Computer hostage.

My wife told me to disengage. Walk away. 

Sitting on the wooden bench. Brain buzzing stuck. So upset.

I ended up standing beside the pond, staring down at my bare feet in the grass.
It was just then ----- my cell phone came alive ---- and a voice reached out to help untangle my emotions.
A friend who was led to call me. A little bird told me, he said. 
Like an angel. Like divine providence. Like a glass of cold beverage. Like a companion. Familiar and patient.

In due course we were telling each other corny jokes and laffing. It was salvation. The rigid clamp gave way to freedom. I ended up in our front yard, seated on the sun bench, birds chirping, clover between my toes, a grin on my silly face. So sweet.         

restoration comes when I hold my cat Pookie. Fur against my finger tips.        

Laying still on deck cushions, sun light 

Recall the rescue.

When I was carried
being low
being weak
still loved


anytime rest comes


Saturday, April 10, 2021

song medley

Song Medley by Karl Marxhausen    
18 minute video.

The energy is present today. All five songs put down in one take. The order: (1) Alli nall  (2) Following  (3) Infinite Mercy  (4) Beloved  (5) Recall   All songs under copyright with Karl Marxhausen, Carrollton, Missouri.

The Lord leads my wife and I every day. Each day an adventure. We work out in the Chillicothe YMCA pool two or three times each week. We meet with friends over lunch at small cafes in Carroll and Ray County, in north central Missouri. North America. 

From day to day, each day takes us somewhere.

In it all Jesus is real. The moments surprise. He lifts, he speaks, eagles glide, the yard grows green. I am grateful for Jan my wife. We are a team in our retirement. Fluid. Mindful. Kind hearted. You will hear the surprises of joy in these songs.

Thank you for being a part of my life. Today the courage returned to post music on the Moss Creek Journal. To stay up on making a video or typing at the keyboard takes energy and effort. Much time is far away from this activity. But today work was given here.

Stay in touch dear reader. Leave your comments and encouragement down below in the comment box. 


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

gushing out

in the day of assistance i recall these moments:

my friend was diligently searching  

i was there when he finally found the needed document.

he drove us back to the agency. the process for his assistance was set in motion.

it was beside his car that i noticed this scene. there were noisy motors pumping dirty water from a trench cut through a main street in the center of downtown Carrollton. men bent over engaged in this work. 

it dawned on me i was seeing the physical action of assistance for my friend. a visual scene of hope, of engagement, of a deep problem being solved. 

"LOOK. this is a picture of what work God is doing for you right now," i told my friend.

lots of light uncovering dark dealings.

a problem is being UNCOVERED in BROAD DAYLIGHT.

across the courthouse lawn, on the far side, a tall yellow ladder ran up from the sidewalk to the roof of a brick building. i told my friend "people are working on the roof. what might that mean?"

"jacob's ladder. angels going up and down," i added.

"IN THE MYSTIC REALM," he mused.

"i think God is working above in the heavenlies. On earth as it is in heaven. things we cannot see. being done for you!!!" the metal sculpture on the courthouse lawn was whirling round. its spinning parts added to these moments. 

just off the downtown square fire hydrants were gushing onto the street.

i teared up. what a visual!!! 

the recurring picture that comes to me.  Jesus is a fountain springing up, over flowing, ready and eager to give.

this hydrant was at first and main streets. it was a yelo hydrant.

one more memory: my friend and i had gone out to lunch. from the mix of people present to eat, an unexpected believer came up to me and began to talk. And what he spoke tied directly into this day of assistance.


words of assurance calm the listener over the cell phone.

in the hands of god. 

as a foot note: 

the following day the work downtown was complete. no road blocks. no one working. no hydrants flushing. i rubbed my eyes. i just happened to be there when all the commotion was going on. and my friend had seen it too. 

wow. just for us to see. thanks.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

stop think color


I make time to pause and reflect. 

What stands out from my day? 

Consider. Drift. Wonder.

These moments tell me I am alive.

----------------------------- Listen. Watch. Click on video. 17 minutes.---------------------------------------------------------------------DOUBLE CLICK on PHOTOS to ENLARGE.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------