Wednesday, March 7, 2018


A brass horn, burnt wood and welded watch parts. That was Reinhold Marxhausen. Above, "Rejoice," 1967, which was featured on page 71 of A Centennial Invitation Exhibition, by the Nebraska Arts Council.

Next, metal instrument key pads incorporated with burnt wood forms. That was Reinhold.

Polished harness knobs and red string became figures, below. More Reinhold.

Mixing materials was Milt Heinrich. One of Reinhold's students.

Wood and round metal in a pattern. That was Milt.

 Industrial materials, colored wire. Tall and sturdy, monumental. That was Milt.

Three minute. Part 1 of artist. Milt Heinrich talks about mixed materials at one telephone company in Blair, Nebraska. Both sections are twelve feet by ten feet.


Seven minutes. Part 2 of Heinrich. Body putty wall relief for a second telephone company in Blair. The history of buried telephone phone cable.


Three minutes. Part 3 of Heinrich on sculpting his large stand alone works.The future of buried phone cable.

Twelve minutes. Part 4 Heinrich about making monumental work. His comments about the cement sculpture called the Open Book, which was made be his college art instructor, Reinhold Marxhausen.

Below, photographs chart the stages of the1959 Open Book monument