Sunday, July 13, 2014


thinking about  
touch these wounds by karl marxhausen,
styrofoam, plastic, 
acrylic paint, 2000
brother in christ by karl marxhausen,
acrylic paint on wood, 
17.5 by 25.5 inches, 2005
closeup of sequence #3 
by karl marxhausen
acrylic and sand on panel, 2002
my mother in christ by karl marxhausen, 
acrylic paint on panel, 2003
onsite  bending,  cutting,  hole punching,  mixing,  hand spreading,  twisting,  assembly,  gluing,  deciding colors,  curiosity,  wondering,  drying,  making more of it,  waiting,  reflecting,  satisfaction,  concluding

trying out proto-types yesterday

kraft paper, aluminum wire, fruit sack, burlap garden fabric, ground glass, enamel paint, plastic ribbon, cloth, perlite, acrylic paint, beads in 2014

trying out ideas in my studio. what will work and what will not work for lemteyoso. keeping open to HIM and the inner workings of the insects HE imagined on earth.
tracheal tubes in bugs to breathe air
worship Him in the making of

individual choices:
cutting cloth strips
hole punch pattern
cloth strips through holes
gluing beads
gluing denim
gluing burlap
nylon line stitches 
tying branches and twigs
cutting plastic
gluing perlite on plastic 
enamel paint as glue agent
assembly of parts
attaching material to top branch
paint on burlap
bending aluminum wire
cutting wire length
inventing with what is provided
  assemblage mounted on branch. displayed. two minutes.
below: top screen.

next: lower elements.

 last: first assemblage completed.