Tuesday, August 7, 2018

in her palace - summer 2018

The day comes... My great nephew wants to show his sister Uncle Karl's tree fort.

There are too many leaves for the boy. So he walks all the way around to the backside, where the entering is easier.

His sister Bri finds the camouflaged entrance and boldly walks in, moving the leaves out of her face as she walks. Down the slope to its interior. Way to go, girl!!

 A stump becomes a table. She arranges the flowers she has picked. Choice sticks. She is in her palace, she tells me.

The boy figures out the ladder. Tad climbs up -- strong arms and legs -- up -- high -- to the high loft.

His blonde head appears, eyes peering down at me -- from side platform up high.
I coax him to stand and hold on to the trunk. No, not this time. He is up where I wish I could be. I am happy that he is delighted.

He goes up and down -- eventually three times. Way to go, Tad!

 Surrounded by leaves, she stands on the low loft.

Bri makes a shelf -- she sets a piece of wood with a bent nail -- to make a place to hang her coat. She is in her zone, in her palace.

Tad sets to repair a broken support for this walkway. He figures it out himself. Yes! Done!

Bri wants to come back again.

 My joy is complete. Both Bri and Tad enjoy the tree fort.

= = = =