Saturday, March 12, 2016

practice feb 17

No snow, supposed to warm up, I am looking around, taking the scenery in. The light on a fallen branch, the way the grass is lit up, and tears come. These moments of beauty. Drinking it in.

A silver curving tree root curls out of a dirt embankment. It is sculptural.

Walking the winding gravel, looking, mesmerized by all the elements, the pattern of stones, the vibrant blonde grass. Overwhelmed by the details. The magnitude of his handiwork, the Creator astounds.

I caught myself, wait a minute, is this where I want my foot? I am down off the road in the blonde grass, haggling with uneven footing, trying to shore up the easel legs so it is level. HELLO?!!! UNEVEN GROUND!!! The memories from a paint out in Marceline come rushing back to me. How I stood a very long time on slanted ground while doing a painting, and the outcome was that my ankle got sore even though I was wearing heavy boots. Hmmm. What am I getting myself into here? This might do some damage. Decide to scrap the idea. Moved equipment back up on the stable even road. The Lord gave you THAT ROAD to work from!!!

Sack lunch. Set up easel. 12:55 start  2:30 end

no title, 10 x 8, acrylic on cradled panel, varnished, Feb 17, 2016

The little board speckling patterns reminded me of cow watercolor I concocted from reference photos in 2009, next.

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