Sunday, November 26, 2017

working on a book

These days
tap tap tappity tip tap
typing my hand written notes
into Word documents.

what I first knew from my research in 2011,
from trips to the downtown Kansas City Public Library
fifth floor in special collections room. 

 what I now know in 2017,
after more digging on-line,
Google searches,
new angles
find just the right "search" words!!! 

hand on the mouse (here).
grateful for all the doors that have opened,
thank you jesus-- author of my life, 
all my days are written in your book!!

the chats 
at the grain elevator.
seeking to reconstruct
things Fowler learned from the family business. 

the segments of his life that I can relate to--
the pieces of the story
that interest me in 2017.
 about a pocket of people
who met up in 1910. 


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