Monday, November 21, 2016

pods pine needles twisted metal burlap

eighteen years ago i remember stowing plastic debris in a bag, looking along the main street curb. see knit glove (left) and can (below).
shapes were first arranged into a design, then glued to the cardboard. works were christened with a lifenote that the Lord brought to me. over the years these works have spoken purpose from the Lord.
two weeks ago i was stirred up by bean pods (above, below) from an autumn branch laid out like lace across an asphalt road. the dark brown outer covering had been crushed apart by the tires of passing cars. my heart lept. carefully the exotic pressings were laid between paper towels and loaded in my truck. mmm. wow. scooped up bright orange fresh pine needles where root school once stood. excited. when i got home i located burlap from the days i worked with the youth group. found nylon fish line and needles for stitching.   double click on image to enlarge.

then, finding the right straight tree branches to top the burlap (below). seated in the warm sun outside. needle and fish line stitch ed over under through burlap, securing the surface to the branch. four units ready to use (next).

with pliers in hand mater ials were twisted and cut into smaller sections. what came to mind was making resistance bend. the pruner sliced bottles, chunks of alu minum and steel into strips. the ac tivity of breaking apart that which restrains reminded me how stubborn mind-locks can be, my own bull-headed ways, the way tears have released buried pain from my own past,
occasions when jesus infused my soul with his embracing accepting restoring peace.

dirt was washed off items outside in a tub of water.
fabric and items laid on burlap and set aside. designs are set out to be looked over, come back and look again.

Two minute studio view.
torn plastic (below) reminds me of a bird or the holy spirit. yes!! rigid shape is glued to burlap and secured in place with cloth espins until it dries.

flowing arc of colors: silver, blue, silver, gray, red. paint can lids propped out with wood block under the edge. broken fountain drink lid, candy wrapper (below). i like this arrangement. i approve their fellowship and dancing. the rest the the design --- waits.

in crinkled tin (below) i see figure approaching with arms up, robe flowing, face towards me. crafted felt behind make the figure float outward. now the tin becomes someone else to me. partial lifenote is already a love=note to me. one who lifts and supports and tears up my eyes with joy.
profile of singing face (next) cut from fabric of graduation cap.  (below) gray silhouette to the right, rejoicing, dancing, amidst praises and jubilee to the Lord. scrip tures say the Lord inhabits the praises of His people. his life giving hope nourishing depression dispersing presence manifests and lifts our mental and physical state when we sing and speak and lift his name and extol him and exalt and magnify and enlarge and enjoy his personality. 2nd chronicles 20 verse 15 through 29 (old testament) describes a battle the Lord wins, defeating three armies against Judah, when the people spoke words and sang melodies lifting up their praises to their Lord and Savior, with the Lord doing all the fighting Himself.  Let - Me - Tell - You - Something      LE-M-TE-YO-SO       (lem-tay-yoh-soh)

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