Monday, April 10, 2017

softened for him


This is me, caught in the act of running away.
Scared to death,
wanting nothing to do with THAT MAN.     

Inspite of my actions,
digging in my heels and saying: "NO, I DON'T WANT ANY PART OF THAT, "

 --------- he STILL BREAKS into my awareness.

Me, typing a conversation, thinking about the wonderful progress I am enjoying.

While in the back of my mind, I am fearing my hospital appointment today, having my ankle numbed and an infected wound scraped away.

Then HE startles me and I come undone.

The Jesus Wind reminds me: "he has my back, he's here for me today, it's going to be okay."

Tears fall, the defenses drop, I cry,
he comforts and quiets my concerns, softened for him. 

THAT MAN faced hostility under the cover of night,

took the rage and the hatred and the cruel punishment,

was humiliated and killed,

before writing a whole new chapter for his disciples in time and space.

He doesn't stop,
he pursues and wins me over.

The Disciple That Fled
by Karl Marxhausen, 1999,
Litho Crayon and Ink on paper, 13.5 x 16.25 inches

Reprint from March 25, 2015 
After a whole year of treatments, my ankle wounds were completely healed on January 26, 2016. Blessed be the name of Jesus.


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