Saturday, April 1, 2017

tuesday - collage introduction

## On Tuesday: Linda Feitz, the substitute teacher, introduced me as the one who painted the mural on Maxine's wall downtown. 


She also told them I came to her fifth grade art class in 1998 to talk about collages. 


Her art room was then at the old Root School on south Main. Root School is no longer standing. 

Ms. Jan's art room is at the new school building up by the high school.

Feitz called me Mr. K. The name I went by when I worked for the Carrollton School District. 


During the presentation, I had students come up and point to shapes and patterns in Kurt Schwitters collages. One student said the crushed bean pods looked like the markings on a snake, below.

Following the slides I showed the class the yellow ribbon I had won last month. The Carrollton Democrat had run the story on March 1st, below.

In preparation for Wednesday I changed out the photos to make a new power point. Next day, Wednesday.

Thanks to my wife who took photos of me.

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