Wednesday, April 12, 2017

over this come reveal

In a valley dark or a desert dry, when the Word comes forth and the Lord draws nigh. In a common place filled with common sounds, it is in his presence I find holy ground.

In the shade of a tree and the sound of birds, he recalls to my heart all his precious words. As he feeds 
creation so he strengthens me. He increases joy to my frailty.

As he holds me close with a warm embrace, with his presence near tears come to my face. And the shame I feel is replaced with AWE. What a comfort sweet, he's my all-in-all.

The ground breaks soon on the 540 lot. A new thing will begin next month. I sang love songs over property. His hand opening hearts, stirring tears afresh, new love. Come near. Spring up afresh. Maker breaker break me. Draw me. Pour out your magnificence on Jesus the Christ, your son, my king.
Infinite mercy
moves into my life, His awesome relationship and holy sacrifice. Ever the faithful One, you draw me close to Thee. You're God's greatest provision. Jesus, I receive.
Well you made this move towards me, before I came to be. Where I fall short day by day.You show me that you love me. Nothing I can do can lift me up to where you are. And yet you stand beside me. Jesus, I'm yours. In undeserved communion, Jesus, I'm yours.

Well the rock began to shout from every hill. The sky bowed down to listen and the wind was still. Sparrows from the roof they dropped to the ground. A crowd of villagers gathered around. 

A donkey and a man are what the people saw. Nature knew his presence and stood in awe. One by one the children called on his name. The wild ox and goats did the same. Baaaaaaaa! Ittizy, it is he. He's the master of redemption it is he. Ittizzy, it is he. He's the fire of fire, Spirit higher than me.

Greater than gold and sweeter than honey, your words are the source of the JOY that I know. I thank you my God, Creator, and Teacher for all of the goodness to me that you show.

   My eye stares down. down into the green among the blades. an eighth of an inch across, this blue blossom. and then another and two more the same size.

May you have the following you deserve, Jesus. We lift you up, your name as gold. Your words run fast, and you are ever bold. Jehovah, your Son, my King. Eternal life to me, your very life to me, is what he brings.
Jesus you know, Me through and through. No other is, as grand as you. Your Father sends his very best. Savior so fine, Jesus the Christ you give me rest.
The Spirit gave, and leads me still. To know you better, and to do your will. Jehovah dear, Spirit alive and true. The Son, my Lord. I love you more. Oh Jesus, you.

songs by karl marxhausen: All In All. Following. Infinite Mercy.Darling-Beloved.You Come. My Father. Ittizzy ( It Is He ). What He Brings. All rights reserved.

dirt turns over soon at 540 North Columbia. site Center for the Liturgical Arts. Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska.

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