Saturday, April 1, 2017

wednesday - collage introduction

Wednesday I explained what I think about --- when I collage.

Collages go together differently than you think. You don't know at the beginning what it will look like. It is uncharted territory. So it cannot be rushed. There are pauses and reflection. I lay items out, leave them alone, then move them, and try many ways out, before gluing them down.

After gathering items on interest that catch my eye, some items are cut apart in my studio. Cans and plastic bottles may be sliced with pruning shears or bent with pliers. Using gloves to protect my hands.
The idea is to respond to the lines and colors and shapes. 

Sometimes a direction or story line may come to you as you put materials beside each other.

Above, a twisted metal shape on my table reminded me of a human form. The wrinkles looked like a robe flowing in the wind. A narrative began in my mind.
Soon I was led to put turquoise sunglasses in a bottle. It came to me, the sunglasses represented me, below.


It was like, my identity was being placed close to the metal shape surround by orange fuzz. There was a metaphor here. I was placed - so that I could remember the one who was shaping my life with His hands. He was letting me know the delight that he had for me - he was shaping me like an artist shapes a collage. He had picked my form out and put me in his collage. The story line became personal. Like an insight. I belonged to Him, no matter what came my way. He was beside me.

Stories don't always come. You might not know why you like the combinations in your work - but YOU DO LIKE THEM!!! 

Collages are arranged by the art maker. Parts are picked up and moved around. Edges overlap. In the end you are okay with it. Balance keeps the composition from being lob-sided. Something Mrs. Marxhausen can help you with. 


Above, this work hangs on my wall at home. Your eye follows it around in an arc. There is a BLUE plastic LINE that leads your eye from shape to shape. I put those shapes next to each other like that - it was organized by me - part of the design - and part of the balance.

During the afternoon session I shared items I had picked up off the ground, laid out on the table in front of me.

Wash your hands after you get home from have picking these items up. Stay away from broken glass. Anything ooey-gooey, any animal dead, leave alone. 

Look for cellophane or fabric you can see through. You can put items partially behind it, see the shape in front and the shape behind it, above.

Both in the morning and the afternoon I DID THIS ----- 

The TIME had come!! With excitement I pulled out wind shredded items I had found along the highway. Monday afternoon it had been extremely windy outside (March 6th). Monday night was when the tornado came to the city of Carrollton. 

Students raised their hands. I called ones up and they pointed out blue and green colors of a shredded grain sack. They called the lines WAVY and JAGGED. 

Two students untangled and stretched out a long length of plastic netting. I had students use their words to describe it. One saw it as a HORIZONTAL green line. Another saw SQUARES in the netting. Then I brought out a six foot long thin black plastic bumper piece I found along Ely Street where I live. 


Students guessed what my large yellow patch was made of, ABOVE. One said rubber. One said fabric. But no one got it. It was PAINT. "Where did I find it? I asked. One said: "on a building." The afternoon group nailed it. The fella said: "on the street, on a cross walk."

In preparation for Thursday, I went out and photographed wall patterns in downtown Carrollton. I wanted even more student participation. Next day, Thursday.

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