Tuesday, May 14, 2019

cold thermogenesis

It's Monday afternoon. May 13th. Time to check the tub temp.

Water is 55 degrees F. Air is 65 degrees F. This is how I do Cold Thermogenesis in Missouri.

43 minutes. This is the real deal. My main focus is maintaining my breathing. To hear my comments go to the following time stamps.

00:39  check water temp
02:48  breathing 
05:05  clock time
08:51  focus breathing 
09:52  adaption
11:59  duration in cold
13:42  about shivering 
15:45  sunshine helps 
16:29  skin tone
17:27  extend time
21:21  marker 20 
22:07  surrounding temp
23:27  bird song

24:58  tub fits one person  
26:08  cooling with ice
29:00  toe touch warm ups
31:19  marker 30

31:36  when to go longer
32:40  reluctance
36:35  marker 35
39:00  no distractions
39:15  body burns fat
39:25  white fat
39:31  brown fat
39:50  water at 50 - 55 converts white fat to brown adipose tissue
40:07  brown fat warms organs
40:25  happens while I sit here
40:52  workout  
41:35  marker 40


Eleven minutes. Cold organs from being in cold water. It takes one to two hours to bring internal body temps back up to normal. Activity helps. Wrists in warm to hot water does it the fastest for me.

The tub we use:

These are easy methods for cold adaption that Jack Kruse provides: 

Drinking hot water helps warm up my internal organs.

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