Monday, April 9, 2018

my life wrapped up in 2 dimensions

Mulberry Beach
Acrylic on canvas,  2012
Shane and Peter Dolch, Chappaque, New York

Lemteyoso, First Assemblage
Mixed media on burlap, 2014
Amanda Ignot, Carrollton, Missouri

A Thinking Reed's Response 
Acrylic, sand, cardboard on panel, 2003
part of core series 
Frank Raasch, Norborne, Missouri

Figure In Light
Acrylic on panel, 2002
Gaylyn Alexander, Carrollton, Missouri

Bellingham, Washington Bay
Acrylic on canvas, 2004 
Rose and Mike Fozen, Carrollton, Missouri

Collage #4
Mixed media on panel, 1998
Nick Albrecht, Norborne, Missouri

Two minutes


Airstrike: God's Love Breaks Me Apart
Acrylic, metal, asphalt, glitter on panel, 1998
part of core series 
Amanda Ignot, Carrollton, Missouri

Missouri River, West of Floyd Levee
Acrylic on watercolor paper, 2010
Jo and Ben Marxhausen, Lincoln, Nebraska

Playskool (Rein and Karl)
Acrylic on panel,  2007
Sid Kamprath, Seward, Nebraska


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