Saturday, April 14, 2018

butterfly - installation at CES

With the netting installation still stretched high above her art students, my wife shared a power point of a variety of art styles last week. She shared the installation Carlos Amorles created for The Phoenix Art Gallery. Where that artist covered the gallery walls with swirling swarms of paper butterflies. Twenty-five thousand to be exact. Cut out from black construction paper.

Three minute video. "Black Cloud" by Carlos Amorales, at the Phoenix Art Gallery

During the course of the work week, as she met with her art students, second through sixth grade, Mrs. Marxhausen showed them the butterfly templates she had cut out. She gave them ideas how they might decorate them. Then, each class got busy cutting and crayon coloring their creations from the construction paper at their table.

On Monday and Tuesday I began installing the box of finished student butterflies. Crayon and marker on backgrounds of yellow, light green, purple, red, orange, and black papers.

Three minutes. Paper cut butterflies on exit sign, on walls and ceiling to immerse the viewer in a cloud of butterflies. Installed by the art teacher's husband, Karl Marxhausen.


Two minutes. Butterflies were put higher than netting installation in the Art Room. A long pole, my height, and tape helped me attach class-made construction paper butterflies to the ceiling.

Butterflies were placed at the edge of the teacher's desk, along the top edge of the dry erase board, on the side of the room clock, and on the side of the disinfectant dispenser.


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