Saturday, November 5, 2011

biochemist on viscosity

   “If the viscosity of water was higher, the controlled movement of large macromolecules and particularly structures such as mitochondria and small organelles would be impossible, 
as would processes like cell division. 
All the vital activities of the cell would be effectively frozen, 
and cellular life of any sort remotely resembling that with which we are familiar would be impossible.
    The development of higher organisms, 
which is critically dependent on the ability of cells to move and crawl around during embryogenesis, would certainly be impossible the viscosity of water was even slightly than it is."
Michael J. Denton, microbiologist, "Nature's Destiny,” 1998

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 Viscosity Of Water by Karl Marxhausen, 40 by 40 inches, mixed media on panel, All Souls Gallery, 4501 Walnut, Kansas City, MO. Nov 6 to Dec 2, 2011

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  1. These are weird and wonderful images Karl. They seem to me to be a mapping of the mind