Thursday, September 8, 2011

demo compares ink efforts with geary

Sunday afternoon flecks of linoleum landed beside the bench hook. Diligent hands grasped the red-handled liner and made repeated dips through the taut golden skin. Eyes flitted between freshly pulled prints of others and their own as each hung side by side in the auditorium. Minds reflected on brayer ink, how it was rolled, how it was applied to the block. How the cut block was not like a rubber stamp that can be dipped into a tray of ink and dabbed on paper. It was not like the potato print one made in grade school. The carved linoleum block was something else. One person concluded she had too much ink on her block. Portions of her detail were covered up.

Double click on each original linocut inking (below) and compare with closeup of Fred Geary wood engraving.


Sue Autry of Norborne
Fred Geary of Carrollton
Lorraine Denny of Seward

Karen Firnhaber of Seward

Anna Autry of Norborne

Two minute video. Linoleum block cuts, comparing inked prints, centering ink on cardstock paper at Civic Auditorium, Seward, Nebraska

(Geary images courtesy of Carrollton Public Library, 1 North Folger, Carrollton, Missouri)

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