Wednesday, October 30, 2019

initiative in my students

  "You are the only one who noticed my shoes," said Hunter. Usually gruff remarks from this one. "I'm all new today." He wears a new striped shirt as well.

    I love my job.  My students.  Their progress.  Not only following rules, following instructions for brain gym exercises -- they are clever -- they are inventors -- they have LIFE. 

    At Field School my students are inventors yesterday and today and tomorrow. In my groups of two and three, our routines accomplish much, some days better than others. 

    Today as an extra activity I point out an exercise Ariel has made up. She has taken pencil and paper at home  to come up with directions, a sketch, and a title name. I introduce the exercise. The students try it.

   Later today I help two students describe their idea. They give it a name. All the routine exercises were invented by someone -- named by someone.

   The excitement grows. When a student turns in an idea and sees the teacher make room for the "trying of it," YOU CAN SEE THE OWNERSHIP. You can see the self-esteem rise.  It is amazing.  It is life.  It is a blessing. A mantle of GRACE.

(K.Marxhausen, journal entry. Chillicothe, MO. March 7, 2013)

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